Easy Swimming Trips

Easy Swimming Trips

How to make swimming trips fun & easy

Let's face it, sometimes trips out with kids just aren't as much fun for us as they are for them! I have something that can make swimming trips fun and easy for you and the kids.

It was my three water babies' love for swimming that helped inspire me to create the FinndieLoo Swimming Bag. Knowing just how much they needed to put inside a bag for trips to the beach or pool made it my number 1 priority to create a spacious size bag. The easy to open and shut drawstring slides along so smoothly, making it effortless for children. Having a large family can make trips out a bit tricky for us parents, especially if you are the only adult. Mutiple towels, drink bottles, change of clothes,  goggles not to mention the snacks (oh my goodness the snacking never ends)! Anyhow my point is that making them each a cool as swimming bag with their own name on made them instantly responisble for their own belongings. They happily fill their bags with everything they need and hop in the car, leaving me time to sort out the snacks!

If your kids are anything like mine they will want to be swimming at every opportunity.

They love the water so much. Each Sunday our two youngest attend swimming lessons, but most weekends our kids are in the pool or ocean. What a life! Nelson consistantly produces some of the highest sunshine hours in NZ and we sure do make the most of it! Over our school holiday's we hire the school pool key, which gives us unlimited access to the always sparkly blue school pool.Considering it is only 5 doors away from our home it makes for an easy activity during school holidays!!

After our swim I always ask my lot to wring out their wet togs and roll them up in their towels. A very easy task even at age 2 they could do it with a bit of help! Chuck the damp ball back into the bag and off we pop! When we reach home everything is hung on the line to dry, even the swimming bag. They all have a water resistant inner that prevents leaks from reaching the outer bag. 
Ready for the next swim trip!

A fun day at Nelson Fun Park called for our swimming bags to get in on the action!

Please leave me a comment! I would love to know if you have one of our swimming bags and how you find using it with the kids? This is my very first blog post. How did I do? :)

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Posted: Thursday 2 February 2017


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