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Our Team

Meet the people that make it all happen. We are a small team of four who all play an important role in
bringing you top quality FinndieLoo products and service.

  • Wendy Thomas | Wife | Mother | Grandmother

    Our longest member of the sewing department. Wendy loves to fill her days with sewing and paper crafts. Her attention to detail is impeccable which will show in your FinndieLoo products.
  • Betty Gilbert | Wife | Mother | Grandmother

    Betty is also a member of our sewing department. She adores quilt making and also helps out in the community when she can each week. Her sewing is always perfect and attention to detail is on point too.
  • Sandy Chisnall | Wife | Mother

    Sandy customises our orders with names. She also packs all the completed orders and arranges the courier collection. She owns every single product that FinndieLoo has ever made, and gives me a huge support in running my business. It is fantastic having an extra set of hands up in our work studio.
  • Claire Van Der Merwe | Almost-Wifey | Mother

    I started FinndieLoo in 2011 as a hobby to keep me occupied while we had two babies pretty much back to back! I feel so grateful to now have a little business that grows bigger each year, and to be able to work with these amazing people.