Butterfly Dance - POUCH SETS

Butterfly Dance
A smaller singular pouch available.
This pouch measures: 19cm across x 18cm depth

After an amazing response from our VIP Group on Facebook we have decided to introduce to you our matching pouch sets. Each pouch gets a first name or one word on the front, printed in vinyl in the colour ways shown on the image.

* Make-up (use the small pouch in your handbag for lipstick and gloss for when you are out and about)
* First aid kits
* Epipens and Asthma inhaler/spacer etc.
* Medicines for kindy (these are water resistant)
* Hearing aid items
* Feminine products (moon cup, pads etc)
* A notebook, pencils and stickers for kids in the car
* Little toy dinosaurs, cars, army men and ponies to keep kids busy when at lunch and dinner or travelling etc.
* Chargers, earphones and important cables when travelling or at uni/school
* spare undies and travel wipes for toilet training toddlers
There are so many uses.

Please see our Singular Large Pouch, perfect for housing all Diabetic medicines and items as well as larger things like nappies and wipes etc.


pouch: 19cm across x 18cm depth
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