5 Pack: Want, Need, Read, Wear & Share - PRESENT TAGS

5 Pack: Want, Need, Read, Wear & Share
If you are anything like me and love to make your gifts look outstanding, then these gift tags are just the ticket for you!
You will receive 5 wooden circle shapes each with the words: Something You Want, Need, Read, Wear and Share.

Red Ribbon included.

The "Need, Read, Wear, Share, Want" gift tags are a popular approach to gift-giving during Christmas or other gift-giving occasions. This system is designed to help people plan their gifts more thoughtfully by categorizing them into different areas of a recipient's life:

Need: This tag represents something the recipient actually needs, such as essential items or things that would significantly improve their quality of life. It encourages practical and useful gift choices.

Read: This tag is for gifts related to books, magazines, or any form of written material. It encourages literacy and the exploration of new ideas.

Wear: This category is for clothing and fashion-related items. It's an opportunity to update someone's wardrobe or add a fashionable touch to their style.

Share: These gifts are typically meant to be shared with others, like board games, puzzles, or treats. They promote social interaction and spending quality time with loved ones.

Want: This category is for gifts that cater to the recipient's desires, often things they've been hinting at or wishing for. It's the more indulgent and personal aspect of gift-giving.

These tags help gift-givers consider the diverse aspects of the recipient's life and interests, ensuring that the presents are both thoughtful and meaningful. It also makes it easier to organize and allocate gifts across these different categories. Ultimately, this system encourages a more balanced and thoughtful approach to gift-giving during the holiday season.
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  • 5 Pack Christmas gift tags
    These tags definitely give your Christmas gifts the WOW factor. They’re a great quality product and delivery was amazingly quick . Can’t wait to see them under the Christmas tree !
    Posted: 2023-11-20

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