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Animal Crackers - BABY TOYS

Animal Crackers
These 3 bright, friendly animals will have little ones roaring with delight as they grab and bend each one back and forth ' hinges that click brightly.

The hinges CRACK like you're snapping a cookie while the fun textures excite fingers and soothe sore gums.

Listen to the hippo snap, the lion crack, and the elephant go clickity clack with the flapping of his two big ears.
Then, link them all together into an Animal Cracker chain ' Sensory learning instantly becomes a brilliant pretend-play adventure!

Perfectly sized for little hands and travel bag pockets, Animal Crackers are a great way to build auditory and motor skills everywhere you go.

Lion and hippo feature one clicking hinge each, elephant features clicking hinge ears.
High quality, exceptionally sturdy design with durable ABS plastic - Exceptionally safe for baby.

Includes orange lion, purple hippo, blue elephant
Lion: 12x10.5cm; Hippo: 14x8.9cm; Elephant: 15x9.5cm
NZ$ 22.90 including GST
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